Monday, April 2, 2012

I WON!! and a Visualizing Activity :)

Ok, first I won the giveaway from Fun in 4B!! I can't believe it. This is my first giveaway win, and I am walking on cloud 9! It was definitely a needed pick-me-up after the crazy week I had last week. Plus, everyone is gloriously enjoying their spring break ... and I just get Friday off. So, think of me while you're lounging in whatever relaxing place you've decided to spend your free time!

Anyway, last week I was working on visualizing with my kiddos. They are great at using the strategy with fiction text, but I wanted to take it to the next level and show them how to visualize with nonfiction.
I began by asking the kids if they knew anything about dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex. Most kids knew basic facts, so I asked them if they knew how large the tooth of a T-Rex is. I got all kinds of answers from 1 inch - 20 inches. I read them a passage from an article that explain that the tooth of a T-Rex is about the size of a banana. I posed the question, "Does this help you visualize better?" Here is the picture I drew on the board to show them what that fact made me visualize:
Check out my AMAZING artistic ability ... lol! 

Then I had my kiddos read about different animals in a book called The Unhuggables

The book is published by the National Wildlife Federation and is full of interesting articles about "unhuggable" animals/insects. My kids LOVED reading these high interest articles. I just picked a few and split them into groups. They read about the octopus, alligator, cockroach, black bear, and vampire bat. Here are some of their drawings: 

 The article about cockroaches explained how cockroaches can live anywhere in the world. So, here is a visual of cockroaches cover the world ... ew! 

The article on the Octopus explained how the tentacle can taste bitter, sweet, and sour.

My favorite picture, which of course I don't have a picture of is of the octopus. The article explained that when the octopus bites the crab, it turns its flesh to liquid. One of my boys drew a picture of the octopus drinking up the crab with a straw! I just thought it was so creative.
Here is the form I used for them to draw their picture: 
I'd love to hear how you get your students to visualize what they read!


  1. Hey! I am trying to email your the items you won from Fun In Room 4B's giveaway! They keep coming back to me! Email me at and I'll get them to you! :)

  2. I'm so glad that you are walking on cloud 9 :) I remember my first win and it feels great. I just emailed all of my friends your information. You should start hearing from them soon. Sorry it took me so long...but my toes were in the sand all day today :)

    This visualization activity is so great. Thanks for the idea. I'm going to pin it for later!

    Fun in Room 4B

    1. My first giveaway win AND my the first time anyone has ever pinned my stuff ALL IN ONE DAY! Now you're really going to put me over the top!

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