Thursday, August 8, 2013

Staples... I will get around your ridiculous limits!

I know I'm not the only one who goes into Staples and then immediately feels frustrated when the sign says "limit 2" per customer.

So, I want more than just two glues Staples. I have 25 students in my class! Also, ten folders and 4 pencil boxes just won't cover it. Now, I get it. If they sold that quantity at that price to us all, they would make no money. They are a business after all. 
However, I wasn't just going to give up. So, I may have gone to Staples 5 separate times last week to get more than their "limit". You do have to spend at least $5 in the transaction to get the penny deal, but there were quite a few other things I wanted to buy for my classroom anyhow. After the 5th trip, though, I began to feel a little nuts. 

Does anyone else do this? Or, if you don't stalk Staples to get their insane cent deals, what do you do to try and stretch your money, but still get things your students will need for the upcoming school year? Does your school provide a lot of the things you need? Do you ask the students to bring items in? Or, do you buy mostly everything with your own budget?

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